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Freeware downloads from EMS-Project:

EMS Free Surfer Companion related downloads

Download fsc now. Free 15 day evaluation!

EMS Free Surfer Companion, version

EMS Free Surfer Companion is now pure freeware!!

Stay tuned for new mind blowing apps!

Visit Companion support site.

Language packs for Companion
(Right click the icon and choose 'save target as'. Copy file to EMS Free Surfer Companion/Langpacks folder and set the language via fsc options. How to translate fsc to new languages?

Download fsc now. Free 15 day evaluation!

Download fsc now. Free 15 day evaluation!

Download fsc now. Free 15 day evaluation!
Finnish language pack by Mika Vimpari,

Polish language pack by Piotr Murawski & Rafal Lampe.

Danish language pack by Rejmond Jensen.


Older EMS Free Surfer mk II related downloads


Download it now!

EMS Free Surfer mk II v. 2.1.026, multilanguage
Freeware popup stopper and cache cleaner
[read more]
Brand new FS includes;
- Open multilanguage support. Includes 10 languages.
- New slim mode, enhanced Panic! button and more. Please read What's new (click notepad icon).

Visit mk II support site.

'Popup stop sounds' (wav) for EMS Free Surfer mk II and Companion

These hi-quality sounds are developed in EMS-Project studios and are all-free to use with Free Surfer.
Click here for instructions how to use sounds.

Click icon to download

Lazer beam (mono)
Hifi-echo (stereo)
Electric (mono)
Bassmania (mono)
Bassmania2 (mono)
Beep_mod (mono)


Other hot (& freeware) downloads from EMS-Project

Download it now!

NEW - Freeware FlashStopper!
Enable/ disable Flash animations without un-installing Flash components. Very easy-to-use Wizard style app for IE. No setup, just one exe. And full Freeware. Made to you by EMS-Project. [preview]

Download it now! Freeware EMS- Stickies from EMS-Project. 
Do you know those little yellow stickies? This is a little yet very handy program. Full freeware with no support. [preview]

Star Opus I - Episode 1, is now downloadable as freeware. This is the mother of all action shooters.


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