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(14/06/2011) The real mother of all space arcade games is now downloadable: Star Opus I is freeware. Star Opus I - Episode 1 comes with zero setup. No installs, just click and enjoy.

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EMS Free Surfer Companion version is now freeware. It is an advanced version of popular and award winning popup stopper Free Surfer mk II.

Works now with IE8 too!

FSC is pure freeware without any kind of adware/spyware/malware. Totally complete and easy-to-use package to make your surfing experience more enjoyable!

EMS Free Surfer Companion (fsc) is the best surfing tool available for Internet Explorer, including intelligent popup stopper, complete cache cleaning and managing, advanced and easy-to-use quick search  from favorites/cache, site info manager and hosts file editor.
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The LogIt!
[read more]  [Step-by-step help] plugin memorizes your passwords, usernames or any WEB related field data and fills IE fields automatically with just a click of a button. You can now also define URL shortcuts and use these aliases directly via IE address bar. This plugin simply is a must (now included with Companion)!!

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