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EMS Free Surfer mk II 1. How to use EMS Free Surfer mk II?
2. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
3. Version history
4. Known problems

1.How to use FS (versions up to 2.1.026)?

1. Download the latest version of FS and install it.

2. Run FS and the tray icon Click to see what does fs looks like! (click icon to preview FS) become visible. You can also use FS icon in IE Browser toolbar:

3.0 To start and stop Free Surfer

Start and stop Free Surfer by pressing Started/Stopped-button

3.1 Natural mode
alias 'mode normal'

By default FS starts in 'Natural' mode. This means that it does not in any way interfere with opening new windows and the popups are automatically removed. No any kind of black list is needed.

This mode doesn't try to be 100% rigorous proof, instead the intelligent FS-20 engine tries to clean all obvious pop ups, and assures the peaceful surf experience without browser chaos in the screen. This is the mode I use most of the time (actually I love this mode).

3.2 Strict mode
alias 'mode rigoureux'

If you are internet 'heavy user' and want to use just one browser at a time, you can switch the mode to 'Strict'. This mode allows new windows only if you press Ctrl or Shift while clicking a link.

3.3 Terminated popups list

TerminatedPopups.jpg (11125 bytes)

FS adds all terminated pop ups (URL) to this list. You can surf to these sites by pressing 'Surf'. By pressing 'Add to rules', the selected URL can be added to 'Rules list'. Clear list using 'Clear'-button.

3.4 Active browsers list

ActiveBrowsers.jpg (10054 bytes)

All active browser's URLs currently open in desktop appears here. By pressing 'Add to rules', the selected URL can be added to 'Rules list'. If some of these are behaving badly (there is no toolbar anymore etc ...) it can be closed by pressing 'Close browser'.

Holding down control or shift while pressed 'close browser' can activate panic close. This option closes really badly behaving browser instances.

A desired browser can be activated by double clicking row.

3.5 Snapshot manager

SnapManager.jpg (10637 bytes)

Take a snapshot from all your currently open browsers in a desktop to later restore the exact situation with one click.
To take snapshot, press Snapshot! button and then click desired slot 1-5 to save. Slot is highlighted if it contains a save.
Use the tooltip of a slot to get info about slots;
SnapManager_tooltip.jpg (8306 bytes)
To clear desired slot, press 'C' and then wanted slot.

3.6 Rules list

There is also possibility to create rules and allow/disallow popups automatically in defined site. These kind of rules can be edited from 'Tools|rules list'. Disallow type rule causes FS to go automatically to Strict mode. Allow type rule stops the FS engine.
In most cases it is wise to use parts of an URL; for example if you add word 'Microsoft' popups are allowed in all sites (URLs) where the string 'Microsoft' can be found. There is no need to use asterisks (*) etc marks.

3.7 Panic! - button
alias 'ne paniquez pas - permettez surfer librement'

Panic! - button is very handy when you accidentally surf to the 'aggressively pop-upped' site (and FS is disabled of course). This button closes all browsers currently active in desktop.
You can also access to panic! -button by right clicking a tray icon. By using Panic! button with Snap manager (see 3.5) you can easily open and close multiple browsers just with one click.

By holding down shift or ctrl while pressing Panic!, you can execute Total Panic!, a low level process killer.  This option lets you close really badly behaving browsers (browsers with dialog message loops etc).

3.8 Options

You can configure FS and set features below ('Tools|Options') :

- Start FS automatically in Strict mode
- Load FS automatically at startup
- Don't show flash screen when FS starts
- Hide Tray icon.
- Speaker sound on/off. You can also select sound source (internal beeper or sound card). There are several wav-sound available in download page that can be used with FS.

- Silent mode. Disables activex dialogs. Very useful in some annoying sites that uses dialogs badly or sites that have a lot of activex-controls.

- Lock home page. Locks home page, so any script can't change it. There are several sites in net that tries to change home page.

- Enable disable GIF animations.  Only the first frame of GIF is shown after disabled.

- Enable/disable Flash animations. There are many sites containing very annoying   Macromedia Flash animations and advertisenments. This option allows disabling  Flash animations. In some cases its recommended to reopen browser.

Note that this option don't unistall Flash!!

- Enable 'terminated popups' list. This option enables/disabled the terminated popup list from Free Surfer main form. Check this option if you don't want (in security related reasons etc) that FS keep log of terminated popups.
If disabled, FS goes to 'slim' mode.

- Change language. Free Surfer has now open multilanguage support and includes 10(!) different languages for default. If you want to implement new languages, just go to LangPacks folder and translate language text files. For more information see FS Forums.

4.0 Using fs20- Plugins
Version 2.1.xxx supports now fs20 plugins. These plugins extends the functionality of FS. Plugins can be started via 'Tools' menu.

4.1 WashBoard plugin

WashBoard plugin

Version 2.1.xxx is shipped with WashBoard plugin. It is easy to use yet fully functioning auto cache cleaner:

- WashBoard removes temporary internet files, cookies, autocomplete entries, typed URLs and My Documents.
- It can be timed or adjust to execute clean always when all browser all closed.
- 'Check' button checks the amount of cache entries.
- 'Clear now' button flushes cache immediately.

2. F.A.Q.

I downloaded the FreeSurfer mk II but there is no icon in IE toolbar?
You must close your browser that you IE toolbar can be refreshed.

Why there is no documentation for Free Surfer version 1.0.x?
I recommend updating it to mk II. I apologize, but I have no resources to update two separate products.This is freeware after all.

Where is the Explorer band?
I listened to audience and removed it from FS mark II. There is only the FS button in toolbar that activates FS. Please let me know if somebody really used it; free@surfer.tc

What about operating systems?
FS runs in 98SE,NT,W2k and XP. Especially optimized for XP. No currently available for MAC or Linux.

What Internet Explorer should I have?
IE 5.0.3314 or later must be installed. If you have older one, just surf to Microsoft-site, and get updated. It's recommended to get newest one. It's more reliable and offers better security.

Does FS run with Netscape or Opera?
Currently FS doesn't run with Netscape or Opera. What it comes to operas, 'The Magic Flute' (Die Zauberflöte) is still my favourite one.

I have a pretty old machine?
Don't be afraid - FS is a quite cpu-friendly app.

How to uninstall FS?
Run the un-installer from control panel. FS mk II offers now a improved uninstaller. Remember to quit running FS before uninstall. You can quit FS by right clickin its tray icon of FS and by choosing 'Quit'.

I have older version in my PC. Do I have to remove it before installing the new one.
No necessarily. The new one runs fine without uninstalling the old one.

Can't open links?
You can always press Ctrl or Shift while clicking link to temporarily disable fs20-engine and allow any popup.

I'm getting 'Script errors'.
mk II handles this kind of problems better, but if you still get those errors, just disable the script debugging from IE. (Tools|Internet options|Advanced)

What is the meaning of the life?
Permita libremente practicar surf .

How does Free Surfer mk II works?
Free Surfer uses fs20 inference chain engine. The rules of engine is easily updateable. That's why fs20 engine is continuously evolving and getting better and better.

I still have problems.

Hmm - if these problems are related to FS, just mail to : free@surfer.tc , in other cases go to the beach and have some fresh air;)

Check also FS Forums for possible answers to your questions!

3. Version history
(in reverse order)

Date Version Comments
29.03.2002 1.0.62 Fixed shift/control-hooking.

31.03.2002 1.0.64 Changed kbd-hooking routines. It seemed that they caused conflicts with F-Secure Antivirus and Backoffice - but no anymore, just get 1.0.64.

11.04.2002 2.0.0 Free Surfer mk II is alive - long live FS!



Some minor fixes; in some cases IE launched from other app acts oddly, not anymore.
16.04.2002 2.0.100 Some minor bug fixes related to IE- handling. Corrects the 'Subscript'-error (or runtime 5) sometimes appeared.
16.04.2002 2.0.101 The loading tests exposed some minor but irritating bugs.
21.04.2002 2.0.200 Fixed engine. In some cases FS treated links as a popup. Added some new features; home page lock and silent mode.
22.04.2002 2.0.201 Some minor fixes to fs20 engine, related to Natural mode. Handles now page unloads.
22.04.2002 2.0.202-203 Some code optimizations.
22.04.2002 2.0.204 Fixed ctrl and Shift problems. In some cases Shift button didn't release. Sorry folks!
28.05.2002 2.1.20
Click and read what's new!
Several bugs fixed and much new options and features. Please read what's new (click notepad icon)
01.08.2002 2.1.025
Click and read what's new!
Several features and bug fixes.  Please read what's new (click notepad icon).
21.09.2002 2.1.026
Click and read what's new!
Several features and bug fixes. Please read what's new (click notepad icon).

4. Known problems

1. There is some problems between some Logitech wheel type mouses and Free Surfer. Check Logitech topic from in order to solve these problems.

2. Running Free Surfer in 95/98 simultaneously with Solitaire game may produce errors. Please see Microsoft article Q234430.

3. In some computers Free surfer will not start (error 429 or 91) unless IE is already running, or has been started at least once. In this case it is recommended not to use autostart.

4. If you decide to unistall Free Surfer remember to quit FS first. Also enable Flash from options if you want to use Flash animations.

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