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EMS Free Surfer mk II
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EMS Free Surfer Companion, the professional surfing tool out now!

EMS Free Surfer mk II is multilanguage supported freeware popup stopper, cache cleaner and surfing companion for Internet Explorer. FS and its fs-20 inference chain engine do not in any way interfere with opening new windows. No white lists, block lists or anything; just start it and surf in peace. And it's configuration free. Now over 1.5 million happy users...

And at last you can also enable/disable those annoying GIF and Flash animations too! Get Free Surfer here - it's pure freeware.

EMS Free Surfer Companion is out. Try it now! Disables now messenger popups, spyware popups and includes 3 new plugins!

EMS Free Surfer mk II 2.1.026 main features;

- Open multilanguage support. Includes Italian, German, Swedish, English, Spanish, French,     Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Dansk. Or implement your own language.
- Intelligent popup stopper with customizable rules and two surfing modes.
- Configuration free, just press start!
- FS-20 engine stops popups BEFORE they appear on screen; save bandwidth.
- FS-20 plugin support; FS gets better and better all the time.
- Snap manager; save your open browsers to a snap.
- Disable Flash and GIF animations.
- Panic! button and enhanced Total Panic option.
- Home page lock prevents home page changes.
- Silent mode disables activex-prompts.

- Use internal beeper or your own wavs to enable popup sound.
- 'Slim mode'; terminated popups list can be now disabled.
- WashBoard, cache cleaner plugin.
     - Cleans temp files, cookies, autocomplete, typed URLs and
       my documents (recent document folder).
     - Timering options. Cleaning can be done automatically after all
       browsers all closed or in a specific time of a day.

EMS Free Surfer mk II with WashBoard plugin

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